How VOGSY is helping Kirkman Company empower its consultants, the premier online platform for UK’s advisory and consulting industry shares how VOGSY is helping Kirkman Company empower its consultants.

Excerpt from the article:

With a team of around 75 consultants and staff, Kirkman Company is one of the larger management consulting firms in the Netherlands. Using a newly-implemented innovative technology, the consultancy has succeeded in bridging the gap between customer needs and the ability to decentralise responsibilities to the firm’s employees.

Admitted to the G-Suite marketplace in 2017, VOGSY, a Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform that facilitates the internal operations of consulting groups, aims to transform the way consultants work on the go by leveraging Google technology. VOGSY is a fully integrated PSA platform which focuses on business outcomes, offering process support and key performance indicators (KPIs) across every department associated with professional services sales, delivery and collection of fees.”

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