Google platform gaining ground in Professional Services Automation, the premier online platform for UK’s advisory and consulting industry reviews the rise of innovative technologies for Professional Services companies and the VOGSY PSA solution that tightly integrates with the Google Cloud and G Suite and has emerged as the leading Professional Services Automation solution on the Google platform.

Excerpt from the article:

“Professional Services Automation has been around for well over a decade now, yet with the rise of innovative technologies new avenues for more cost-efficient and effective solutions have rapidly opened up.

Google Analytics and AdWords saw a revolution in the advertising industry, Google G Suite is now performing a similar feat in the world of business, and now the US tech giant is broadening its wings to facilitate IT services for project-based businesses.

Service Performance Resarch (SPI) concedes that there are not many “complete” PSA platforms available on the Google infrastructure, yet, the white paper also contends that VOGSY has emerged as the leading PSA solution on the Google platform. As such, the study goes as far as to conclude VOGSY has become a platform executives should seriously consider in both project and services-driven organisations if they want flexibility and security at an extremely attractive cost.

VOGSY is all you need to run your services business from Quote to Cash. “

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