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Google Cloud Solution Provider Transforms Its Business With PSA


White Stratus was founded in 2010 with the vision of becoming a leading global partner for enterprises moving to the Google Cloud. They now operate around the globe and work with an array of multinational organizations. Over the years their business has grown by helping companies take advantage of the Google Cloud infrastructure and they have significant expertise and investment in the Google Cloud and Google Platform. White Stratus has operated in a diverse range of sectors but they are now looking to become more competitive, differentiate themselves from their competitors and continue to grow their business.



From a business standpoint, cloud services for basic G Suite is becoming a commodity, with limited added value that can be achieved for clients. White Stratus believes that after companies move their basic functions to the cloud they will quickly begin to move business applications to the cloud, as well. White Stratus differentiates itself compared to the technology-driven (offshore/nearshore) partners with a ‘business first’ solution offering. These low cost outsourcing companies are focused on just the technology and not integrating it with a business solution approach. White Stratus’ goal is to expand their ability to help agencies and consulting firms move complex business and workflow processes into the cloud.



White Stratus has been a Google partner since 2010, so they were thrilled with the fact that VOGSY is built on top of the Google Cloud platform, especially since they have significant expertise and investment in Google technology. It was a natural extension for White Stratus since they already had deep expertise in the Google technology and it required minimal time for their teams to learn the VOGSY solution.



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