How automating your business creates a competitive advantage


Here’s how to automate your professional services business to increase productivity, grow faster and be more profitable.

Professional services organizations (PSOs) face increased competition, a constrained talent pool and greater global regulatory accountability, making working smarter – rather than harder – crucial. It just doesn’t make sense for you and your team to spend hours bogged down on repetitive administrative tasks that can easily be automated.

Luckily for you, professional services automation (PSA) tools were designed to solve this exact problem. A PSA solution automates everything – from finance to project management to contact management to timekeeping – and shares data from across the organization in one location. You’ll easily gain better support for your business and visibility into current and future work. It will help you increase productivity, grow more rapidly and achieve higher levels of profitability.

Here’s how your business can win with PSA:

  1. Remove tedious administrative work.
    The admin-in-front-of-every-door model does not work in today’s tech-driven workplace. It’s not efficient for executives to do administrative work when they should focus on growing the business; nor is it efficient to staff up with round-the-clock teams waiting for ad hoc requests to come in. PSA platforms allow you to see all of your data and project updates in one place, which lessens the strain on employees for admin activity and data analysis.
  2. Eliminate information silos to get the job done.
    Transparency is key to a successful business. Executives and owners need to see data coming in and make good decisions quickly in order to keep the company running and serve customers. You don’t know today what decisions you face tomorrow. Having real-time insights available anytime allows you to take action on things that haven’t even happened yet and drive positive outcomes for your business. In fact, companies have improved on-time project delivery by 9% with a PSA solution, which translates to success across the business.
  3. Engage employees so they make better decisions, faster.
    The services industry has shifted in recent years, requiring businesses to be more agile and react to constant change faster. This trickles down to teams and changes how employees work and collaborate with one another. It’s critical to share knowledge transparently and in near real time within teams, across the company and with clients. The workforce makeup and how team use technology has evolved, too: Forrester revealed 45 percent of information workers use mobile with clients and partners. A PSA solution built for mobile means your team can update information, remain engaged and make decisions from anywhere. Those real-time insights and knowledge leads to ownership and accountability to make better-informed decisions faster.
  4. Manage the entire quote-to-cash experience.
    PSOs tend to suffer in two areas: over-servicing clients and not even billing for a huge percentage of services rendered. With PSA, you can get control of billing and focus on quality of revenue. You’ll see all the work your team has in progress, hours allocated and clients not yet billed. PSA solutions help you drive the outcomes you need with better margins, lower overhead, higher utilization and more revenue.

PSAs enable you to run your business and manage your team more effectively, giving you time to focus on the important things you want – and need – to do to give your business a competitive advantage.

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