About Mark Van Leeuwen

Mark van Leeuwen is the CEO of VOGSY, the Google business software pioneers. Mark has held leading roles in software and service businesses on all continents and led growth in uncharted territories for 20 years. He's also a stickler for simplicity and transparency and doing more with less.


Avery Swartz small business PSO influencer

A Q&A with Avery Swartz, Helping Small Business Owners Connect and Manage Tech

  VOGSY is fortunate to interact with leaders and influencers involved in a range of professional services organizations (PSOs). The PSO Knowledge Expert Series brings you their thoughts on the topics that matter most. For this edition, we spoke with Avery Swartz, founder and CEO of Camp Tech, a company that helps non-technical small business […]

information silos blog pic

What Are Information Silos? Business Problems & Organizational Fixes

You’ve run the numbers, checked in with different departments for reporting, and you can already see your business has experienced phenomenal growth. The progress feels good, but the journey has been a little hairy. Just in the course of gathering data to measure your business’s performance, you’ve had to manually cross-reference different documents and chase […]

employee utilization rates

Why Employee Utilization Rates are the Key to Driving Profitability

No matter the focus of a professional services organization (PSO) –  from a digital marketing agency to a management consultancy or a software development firm (like VOGSY clients)– you’re primarily selling time and your team’s expertise. As such, you need a targeted model for billable resources that applies to each employee across the organization. This […]