About Mark Van Leeuwen

Mark van Leeuwen is the CEO of VOGSY, the Google business software pioneers. Mark has held leading roles in software and service businesses on all continents and led growth in uncharted territories for 20 years. He's also a stickler for simplicity and transparency and doing more with less.

Data driven culture

3 Powerful Ways To Foster a Data-driven Culture For Your Company

We live in the data-driven digital era, where nearly every organization uses metrics and analytics to guide their decision making. In 2017, the Economist rather controversially asserted that “data is the new oil” — our most valuable commodity, powering our greatest success. The metaphor doesn’t hold to the highest scrutiny, and many have spoken out […]

About Scope Creep Risk in Project Management

Scope Creep: Causes & How to Control in Project Management

Once in a blog planning session together, our CEO asked, “Can you define scope creep?” My immediate answer was, “Scope Creep is the devil and you should use every religious and secular remedy you can think of to banish it back to [redacted]!” After years of watching scope creep in project management wear down entire […]