Working remotely now? Learn how to stabilize projects and revenue

Technical Writer - Vogsy

Working remotely now? Learn how to stabilize projects and revenue


Technical Writer

Location: Remote (US-based)

Position Type: Full-Time (preferred) or Contractor (dedicated)

Reports to: Founder / Product Manager

About You: 

This will not be your first job as a technical writer and likely it won’t be your last. It will however be the job where you can have a huge impact on our customers’ journey and our company’s success. We’re a software company. Let’s share an analogy that explains what we need from you: 

We have created a Formula 1 race car. No ordinary driver can control such a beast. You wouldn’t get off the line and, if you did, you’d spin out of every corner. 

We succeeded in creating a race car that’s controllable, dependable and fun. And fast, obviously, very fast. We’ve come a good way in this ‘Formula 1 for everyone’ mission. We are not there yet!

We need you to create the ‘Owner’s Manual’. The manual that helps any driver instantly and intuitively. So that they can focus on the track rather than the car. Manuals used to just sit in the glovebox forever because it’s lengthy and bulky and boring and badly indexed. No bueno. Putting reading glasses on at 100 MPH just doesn’t end well. It needs to be ‘just there when I need it’. Like a HUD. 


  • Strong interest in overall CX in software and content
  • You are a proven self-starter who puts quality over quantity
  • You are a high-output worker without losing sight of the details
  • Proven experience as a technical writer in our market of Professional Services Automation
  • Profound knowledge of Professional Services, Project and Resource management tools, Project Accounting and what automation can do for B2B services businesses
  • Native US English speaker

Job Duties:

  • Help perfect our CX throughout the journey
  • Find new ways for ‘traditional manual/help’ content by perfecting the in-product CX
  • Write content in-product, online and support the creation of other content formats such as video
  • Create a maintainable and scalable documentation framework, introduce and maintain the related system(s)

If you believe you are the right person for this challenge, let us know why by getting in touch with a cover letter and CV.

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