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    Let’s make professional services automation as simple and intuitive as using Google G Suite, so everyone wins.

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    Manage your services from quote to cash with one of VOGSY’s cornerstone features

    Win, Deliver, Celebrate with VOGSY


    Many PSOs embrace G Suite. For those organizations, we are a natural extension into PSA. VOGSY is all you need to run your services business from Quote to Cash.

    But unlike existing products, we put the professional at the center of technology. VOGSY is your single source of engagement for anything you need to drive the desired outcomes for your clients and for your own business.

    Our pedigree is strong. VOGSY was created by AllSolutions, a 30-year PSA software veteran with customers in 25 countries, enjoying strong technical support from the folks at Google. To Google users, VOGSY is instantly recognizable. And since we leverage a lot of what Google has already taken care of, we onboard in days rather than months.


    Leo Koster


    Leo Koster is the founder of VOGSY. In his career of more than 25 years in IT, 20 of them were dedicated to building the best online business software. With the emergence of the internet, Leo knew that it would be inevitable for every enterprise to be using online software. His company was the first to launch an enterprise-class SaaS ERP in 2001. Ever since he loves to turn vision into growth, transforming the latest technology into business solutions. A great idea deserves an even better execution. VOGSY is his latest visionary project, the first to build a Professional Services Automation solution for the Google Cloud Platform.

    Mark Van LeeuwenMark Van Leeuwen

    Mark van Leeuwen


    Prior to joining VOGSY as CEO, Mark spent 10 years in a variety of complex projects working for a multinational bank on topics such as marketing, international finance, BPR, customer care and automation, followed by over 15 years leading PSO’s and growing services technology vendors’ market presence internationally.

    Wim Keizer


    Wim spent over 20 years at Cargotec and AllSolutions creating complex and business critical business applications before laying the foundations for VOGSY. As CTO he operates at the crossroads of software development and user experience, translating powerful business ideas into a highly intuitive, usable and robust solution.

    Careers at VOGSY

    Interested in working with us? We’re always interested in chatting with fresh, motivated talent – email us directly to check for openings.


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    Why Ecosystems Matter: Leveraging the Google Platform for Professional Services Profit

    Learn why Google and VOGSY have emerged as a leading Professional Services Automation platform. Watch the joint webinar with VOGSY and SPI to learn more about how project-based businesses can leverage Professional Services Automation on the Google Platform.



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